Sommer Lunch Bunch

Lunch from home made easy!

What is it?

A Lunch Bunch works best with groups of five. Each person picks a day and brings lunch for their self and the other four people in the group. You can pick a diet to follow, like Sugar Busters or South Beach, etc., or you can pick a calorie limit.

How does it work?

On your day, bring lunch for yourself and the other four people in your group. Be sure to use a diet recipe or stay within the calorie limit previously determined.

Bag the lunches, write names on them, and put in the same fridge so the others can easily find their lunch. Each person warms their lunch up, if necessary.

You may want to send an email to your group with your menu, heating instructions, or just to say Bon Appetit!

If there's no school on your day, you can bring an after school snack one day that week or if someone is going to be absent on their day, you can be the make-up person.

Each group discusses allergies and dislikes on their own.

Why Join?

1. If you follow a diet or calorie count, you're sure to be swimsuit ready by the end of May!

2. You don't have to worry with making your lunch five days a week!

3. You can try out new lunch recipes, since you have someone to make them for besides yourself!

Sign Me Up!

There is a sign up sheet in the office lounge. One group of five is great! Four or five groups would be awesome! Please fill up one group before starting another. We'll start on Monday, 1/14. Happy Eating!