6th Grade AIG Lion Team

Week of December 14th - 18th

Reading Class

This week in reading class the students got a new Christmas blendspace. The blendspace consisted of a problem based learning about making the “perfect toy,” a video about the book “Olive the other Reindeer,” making a holiday card for their “book buddy,” rewriting their favorite holiday song, a writing prompt about getting their favorite present, i-Ready for 20 minutes, and read to self for 20 minutes. This week the students got to go over to Rocky River Elementary School and read with their “book buddy.” Also, there was NO STEMS OR FLOCABULARY THIS WEEK.

Math Class

This week in math, the students did more with ratios and converting fractions to decimals to percents and vice versa. They made a flip book to help them remember how to do these conventions. They also learned how to find the percent of something like: what is 40% of 90. So, now if you go to the store, you can have them figure out how much something is if it is 40% off.

Science Class

This week in science the students learned more about matter. They got deeper into what the phases of matter are, and how they can change from one phase to another. They will continue to learn about this as the quarter goes on. Also, they had “Genius Hour” on Thursday again this week, sense their holiday party is at that time on Friday. In Genius Hour they had to finish their second reflection which will help them later on to finish their “Gateway Project” paper.

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Have a great winter break!