Life on the Seas

by: Shannon Greenwalt


On a boat its hard to get the things you need that's a cause for why a lot of people died or got sick. When they didn't get enough vitamins they got scurvy. Scurvy is a sickness includes rotten teeth and gums, mental breakdowns, and open sores (aka a bunch of gross stuff). A explorer named James Cook made a soup (made with sauerkraut and dried vegetables) to help stop the scurvy.
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On a boat you have to follow the captains order. You may think the crew dose all the work but really the captain dose a lot of the work he has to make the discussions where to go, what to do and, how to do it. He also made maps sometimes of the places he explorers. There are scientists and doctors on the boat too to help out. The people who work there are usually under 30 and that includes kids. And to make it even worse they get payed very little.
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If a crew member get in trouble they get punished. The punishment were harsh they would even kill a crew member for a punishment. The punishments would be made by the captain. Some captains were nicer then others. Like the captain Cook was known to be nicer then others.
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