CGES Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 8

Principal's Message

It is difficult to believe that March has arrived, the end of another nine weeks is just around the corner, and for many of our students testing season has arrived. Our second and third grade students will begin IREAD next week and students in grades three, four, and five will complete ILEARN later in April. The teachers have worked very hard to provide students with high quality instruction so they are best prepared for these statewide assessments. At home there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your child is best prepared for the tests. Spend time talking about the test. Share the purpose of all tests is to inform teachers and parents on strengths and weaknesses. Ask your child how they feel regarding the assessment. Talk through these feelings by reassuring students and helping them to gain perspective that one single test does not determine their success or failure. Encourage grit and persistence when taking an assessment. Support healthy habits by providing nutritious meals the evening before and morning of testing. Make sure that students are getting plenty of rest before those important test dates. Finally, talk about the test after students have completed them. Ask them how they think it went and congratulate them on their hard work and effort! We want students to be confident in their ability to perform well! Working together we can provide students with the tools necessary to be successful! I am confident the students will do a fantastic job in the upcoming weeks!

Happy March and Happy Spring!

Mr. Buckler

AP's Announcements

Happy March, families! Spring is almost here. What an exciting time for our students as they begin the final three months of the school year.

IREAD Reminder- IREAD begins soon! Third grade will be taking their practice test this Friday, March 3rd. They will be completing IREAD on Monday, March 6th and Tuesday, March 7th. Second grade will be taking the IREAD practice test on Wednesday, March 8th. They will be completing the IREAD assessment Thursday, March 9th and Friday, March 10th. Any student who is absent on their day of testing will complete make up testing the week of March 13-17th.

Safety Team-

We take safety seriously at Center Grove Elementary School. This has been our first year with a student safety team. One or two students from each 4th and 5th grade class were nominated at the beginning of the school year. We have been meeting regularly as a team to discuss safety topics. The students offer a unique perspective for us to learn and grow as a school when it comes to safety. They have all grown as leaders and enjoy our time together.

School Safety Teams

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Counselor's Corner

Can I just brag about our students for just a minute? Many of you know that last week was Kindness Week here at CGES. With that said, the vast majority of our students participated in classroom challenges, lessons, and spirit days. Let me tell you what a joy it was to see and hear our students not only engaging in these activities, but also coming together to work towards a common goal. Not only that, but our teachers enjoyed a dessert bar to kick off the week because of the amazing generosity of so many parents! The bottom line? You. As parents, the lessons we teach our children go far beyond those found in textbooks. I truly believe that our kids are a direct reflection of our efforts. So, thank you for teaching your children to be kind. Thank you for having tough conversations about peer relations, hard work, character, and integrity. We see it.

This month, our focus is on Disability Awareness. I am excited to share that we are “lucky” to have 2 speakers come to our school on St. Patrick’s Day. During that day, there will be a separate presentation for our K-2 students and another for 3-5. Not only will this married couple be telling their personal stories of living with a disability, but also sharing a children's book that they have written and illustrated together. Needless to say, we are thrilled that they will be here and are looking forward to a great week of building our awareness.

Happy Almost Spring!

Mrs. Taylor

Car Rider Line Reminders

Please help our car rider line run smoothly each day. In the morning, remind your student to have all of their things collected and ready to exit the car. Pull all the way up in line before stopping. Ensure that all students exit the right-hand side of the car. This helps keep our students safe, so they are not walking around the car where other vehicles may be in motion. Please be courteous to other drivers. In the mornings and afternoons, no one should be parking in the parking lot at CGES or MSC and walking their student to the car rider door. Regular office drop off/pick up requires prior approval. Thank you for helping our car rider line run safely and efficiently. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Rollings.

March Dine to Donate at El Toro on the 21st!

Appearance Policies and Guidelines

As spring arrives and the temperatures warm up, it is important to review the policies and guidelines regarding student appearance. The following information was taken directly from the elementary handbook which can be accessed on the school's website. Please reach out with any questions or clarifications.

Student clothing and appearance should not draw undue attention from other students or faculty or disrupt the normal routine. If there is doubt about the appropriateness of a garment, it should not be worn. Attire typically worn at the beach is not appropriate for school. Clothing and/or any adornment displaying messages or images not appropriate for school, and examples would be messages containing profanity; sexual innuendo; references to drugs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or violence; or messages that incite hate towards other students or student groups. Non-religious Hats, hoods, and sweatbands are not to be worn during the school day, unless it has been determined to be a spirit day. Bare midriff, backless halters, and mesh shirts are not to be worn. Attire that may damage school property (such as chains) or pose a danger to the safety of students and staff members (such as “Heelies”) shall not be worn.


1. Short shorts, athletic shorts, skirts and dresses (less than thumb length)

2. Spaghetti Strap Tanktops

3. Pants worn below the waistline.

4. Any other attire which the administration determines to be unacceptable.

Unless the dress code violation warrants greater consequences,

students who violate the dress code will be given an opportunity to

change into clothing that the school provides and that fits with the school

dress code. Repeated violations of the dress code, however, will be

treated as insubordination, which will result in consequences from school

administrators. Students who have questions about particular types or

items of dress should talk to a teacher or an administrator.

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Marvelous March

Make note of these important dates for the month of February:

March 1 - Early Release

March 6 - 10 - IREAD Testing, Grades Two and Three

March 8 - Early Release

March 8 - 10 - Book Fair

March 9 - Family Art Knight

March 9 - 3rd Nine Weeks Ends

March 14 - PTO Meeting

March 15 - Early Release

March 17 - Disability Awareness Programs

March 22 - Early Release

March 27 - April 7 - Spring Break - No School

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Spring Break March 27 - April 7

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