HEI Impacts

Pollution impacting regions


Soil in the land is getting polluted by the constant industy use and devolpement; to many countries are becoming reliant on their industy and don't realize how it can severley affect their country. Not only is it bad for the air, it causes harm to the soil witch runs off into water systems. Eithout healthy soil, the small agriculture industry they have will suffer and will grow poor crops spreading disease throughout the population. As the pollutants get absorbed into the soil they strt to runoff into water systems polluting the water.


As the polluted soil's water runoff runs into the water system it polutes the water system. This can cause many problems for a state as marine environments strt to die and their own water systems become cantamunated. As all of a states water systems become polluted people will start running out of water to drink and eventually sprea disease throughout the population and begin to kill off the population.


How does the polluted soil pollute the water?

How are we affected by pollution as a society?