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Finding Your Way Around the Library


  • I can work collaboratively with you to plan inquiry-based learning opportunities.
  • I can co-teach all or part of a unit.
  • I can assist small groups of students.
  • I can teach students proper research and citation techniques.
  • I can purchase resources you need to teach your units.
  • I can find library resources you need to teach your unit.

Same Old

  • There are many posters you can use for Religion, Language Arts, First Nations, etc
  • We have a large Treaty Resource Kit ready for you to use.

Some Basics

Accessing our library catalogue - There is a link- Library Catalogue- on our school website. You can search any library in the system by clicking on "libraries" and select the school you want to search.

Signing out resources - please don't use your textbook library card (TXT) to sign out books from the library. I will use that barcode to sign out textbooks provided by ILS. Continue to use your regular patron card (P) to sign out library resources.

STAR Testing - I can STAR test students in the library, but with your help it will go much faster. We test students in September, January and June.

Library Computer Booking - Please book these through the Outlook Calendar.

Library Booking - Please book the library with a sticky note on the schedule which is hanging behind the circulation desk.


AR Bookfinder - the code to search for books at St. Josaphat is R1229479. Let me know if you need help with this.

This Is How We Do it!

Book Exchange - Teachers are responsible for their class's book exchange. I will notify you of overdues. Please pass that information along to parents. Students can take out 2-3 books each week.

Booking Resources - if you need resources from a different school, or from ILS, just let me know and I will book them for you.

AR - the year plan is under review. As soon as we have it organized, I will let you know.

Public Performance Rights

Regina Catholic Schools purchases two public performance licenses that allow for the showing of most feature length films for entertainment purposes. If a program is shown for entertainment, the showing must be recorded and submitted to the appropriate licensing company.

These reports should be submitted monthly. Remember this is only for those videos that are not curricular.

· Audio Cine Films, Inc.

· Complete the online form at

· Our client number is:

· System Password: (or follow the instructions and set up a school account)

NOTE - you need the date shown, the title of the video and the name of the producing studio.

· Visual Education Centre / Criterion Pictures

· Compete the online form available at

· Our client number is:

Note - you just need the title of the video shown.

Some Resources You May Find Useful

Just scroll down to Sites Worth Checking Out and click on "Staff Resources". There are a number of useful sites divided by subject area.