Head Start Classroom News

Ms. Doyle and Mrs. Varner

March 14-18

Our space station has been a hit in our classroom. The kids have absolutely loved pretending to be astronauts and pretending to work in the control panel area.

Reminder next week is going to be our last week before Spring Break. Spring will be from March 19-28. School Resumes on Tuesday March 29.

Don't forget Kindergarten Registration is on Tuesday March 29. This will take place from 5:00-6:30pm at your child's home school.

Note From the Health Room-

Great Beginnings as well as the rest of the Lee's Summit Community have seen an increase in cases of pink eye. Symptoms of pink eye are redness, itching, pain and drainage from the eye(s). Pink eye is spread by touching secretions of the eye, nose, mouth or surfaces that have come in contact with these secretions. The best ways to prevent Pink eye are to use good hand washing, cover with a tissue or elbow when sneezing, avoid touching the eyes or face, and do not share anything that touches the eye or face including towels and wash cloths. If your child has pink eye symptoms, please take him or her to your health care provider and stay home from school until he/she has been treated for 24 hours and there is no more drainage from the eye (s). If symptoms include sensitivity to light and continual weeping from the eye, please see your eye care specialist. For any questions, please call your school nurse, Alicia Stremick at 986-2462.

Our space theme continues to be a hit in our classroom. This past week we learned about Astronauts. The kids watched a few clips of what astronauts do while they are in space and how they live. They were mesmerized by how different it is in space than it is here on Earth. Next week we will continue with our space theme and focus more on Rockets. Our book of the week will be Zoom Rocket Zoom.

What we are Learning

Monday- We will practice drawing the different planets and put rockets in order by size

Tuesday- We will work on our scissor skills by cutting out different lines, and work on color recognition and shape recognition by completing a shape rocket.

Thursday- We will complete our March preschool page and work on making an ABC pattern.

Friday- We will start decorating our 100 day hats, and work on writing the letters in our name by making Rocket names.

Important Dates


March 29- School Resumes and KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION

April 11- Big Truck Night at MoDOT

April 20-21 Parent Teacher Conferences

April 22- NO SCHOOL


The best way to get a hold of me is through e-mail at carly.doyle@lsr7.net

If you need to send a note with your child please put the note in the Largest pocket of their backpack.

Transportation - 986-2400