Ricky Eisele


America and Queensland are very alike in different ways. Queensland's language is English, just like America's language is English. Queensland is different from America because they have their own currency, the Australian dollar. Also, Queensland's religion is 33 percent Christianity. There are many traditions of Australia, including "Anzac day." This day is a memorial day for all of the soldiers who died in the war against New Zealand. Australians march through the streets and share drinks to celebrate this day.

Physical Features

Queensland's geography includes the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea, Flinders River, and Great Dividing Range. Queensland's climate consists of two distinct seasons. One season, summer, has warm temperatures and very little rainfall. In the other season, winter, there is a lot of rain.


Australia has many attractions, such as the "Movie WB World" and the beautiful coral reefs. Australia is also famous for its water parks. In conclusion, Queensland, Australia is a family friendly place to visit and great country overall.