5th Grade Social Studies

Civil War

Explore the Many Battles of the Civil War!


I am very excited to announce that for our civil war section of American History, your sons and daughters will be engaging in a real-life timeline of the battles fought during the civil war! Since some of the sites are located in and around our community, I thought it would be a fantastic idea for the children along with you, their parents, to visit some of the sites, learn about the battles, and get a closer look at the areas in which the battles were fought! We will be using the technology Lino so that your child can share pictures and information about the sites they visit with other students in the classroom! In groups of 4-5, the students will combine their photos and experiences to educate the class on what they learned personally from visiting the sites as well as what they learned from other students' experiences in their group!

Research Paper

After visiting the sites, your child will have the exciting opportunity to research more on their favorite battle and create a two-page research paper about that battle! We will be using Edmodo so that students can work on their papers while receiving feedback from one another as well as myself on a daily basis. Edmodo will allow your child to work on their paper during class or at home and their peers and myself will be able to see their work and correct mistakes or provide suggestions as they are working on it. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to review one another's work and learn from each others' mistakes!

I will keep in contact with you and your child via Remind101. This technology allows me to send out mass text message reminders with important information. Please be sure to check for texts from me!

A fun and interactive way to get involved in your child's learning!

What if we do not have a computer in our home?

-This is not a problem as children will have the opportunity to work on computers at school!

What if I am unable to take my child to these historical sites?

-Again, not a problem! I realize that you all are very busy and if you are unable to take your child to these sites, there is an interactive website they will have the opportunity to visit and see pictures as well as read a background on the battles.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at hhankins@whitfield.k12.ga.us