Titian... a true Renaissance man

Erik Sherkanowski

Behind the man in the painting...

  • Born in 1488 in Pieve di Cadore, Italy
  • Spending most of his life in Venic, Italy Titian was an apprentice
  • Worked with his brother under Sebastian Zuccato (specialized in mosaics)
  • After working with Sebastian Titian worked with Giorgione until his death in 1510
  • Titian died at the late age of 88 in 1576 (birth and death date still disputed to this day)

Saint Christopher (painting)

  • finished in 1524 Titian was just 36 years old at the time
  • The orignal piece is owned by a private collector but many remakes can be seen in chruches and books all around the world today
  • uses a fresco modern style in his work
  • I specifically chose this painting because of the blues in the background and how well known the painitng is

Titian exemplifies both secualrism and realism in many of his works. His portraits and self prtraits showed the person how they truely are and pulled from the natural bueaty of the human body. Whereas his spiritual works for the catholic church turned god like figures into powerful "above all" men. His art varies in some ways but mainly is either portraits or religious tpye pieces of work.

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