By Nathan Bickhart Hour 8 Science

Overview of Career

Anesthesiology is giving anesthetics to patents undergoing operations. It involves giving them medicine so that they do not feel the operation.

What do You Need to Succeed

In high school good courses to take are math, science, English, and social studies. Helpful high school courses would include Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Foreign Language (minimum of two years), and Statistics and Probability. For college, some type of medical school or at least a doctorate in medicine is needed.

Cost of Education

A good university to go to that can give you the degree in medicine is Cardinal Stinch university. They cost $35,990 per year in tuition. For me, I would use room and board for the full eight years at the cost of $61,600. That would cover food and shelter. There would be no cost for gas or transportation since I live at campus. Clothing for the entire eight years will be around 1000 dollars. If I stay to cheap clothes it shouldn't be that expensive. The total tuition for the eight years would be $215,220. In total my degree would cost $277,120.

Associations and professional organizations related to this career

Two organizations about anesthesiology are The American Society of Anesthesiologists and The American Acedemy of Pain Medicine.

Pros and cons

Pros -

Help people

Changing hours (bad for some people)


Cons -

Constant learning

Many people Pass away


Every year, millions of people undergo surgery. Do you think you have what it takes to be the one who applies the medicine and take away the pain? You can make up to 300,000 a year being the one to ensue the wellbeing of each and every patient. With a degree in pre medicine and medicine you can work in a hospital operation setting everyday and help people in the process. It's called Anesthesiology. It is one of the most important medical professions. Join us and Plan your career today!



American Society of Anesthesiologist

The American Academy For Pain Medicine

Cardinal Stritch University