Traveling Across The Country

An Interview Of Sydni Bigelli

Sydni's trip across the country

Sydni and her all star soft ball team, has traveled across the country to compete in the little league world series. The competition was in Oregon, so they took 2 plane rides to get to there final destination. They first landed in Chicago after a 2 hour flight and had to sit in a room for an hour due to a delayed flight. She says they didn't do anything but sit in a room doing nothing for the entire hour. Once they finally got to Portland, Oregon, after a 5 hour flight.

World Series

The team played in the world Series and played against many teams, such as Europe Africa, Oregon D-4 (district 4), Texas, Idaho, and Latin America. Sydni's team made friends on this trip too. They made new friends with the Latin American Team, even though they spoke mostly Spanish, and barley any English.

The team also scored 2nd place in the world too!

Other things they did

Sydni's trip was not all just playing softball. She also got to relax with her team. She got to go to the border of Washington were they rode go carts. They let you go around the track twice, but on the second lap, Sydni's engine blew and she started to shot down the track. She was passing everyone.