Donations With Less Hassle

The Basics

Founded by a brother and sister from New Trier High School. WeeVu combines charity work and day-to-day shopping like no other application ever. Brother and sister Matt and Steph Strauss launched WeeVu on August 20, 2014. WeeVu works with businesses and charities, when somebody shops at the selected business and they take a photo of the receipt, with WeeVu, they can select a charity and donate a free negotiated amount between the business and WeeVu to that charity. How this works is at the end of each month, WeeVu sends out an invoice to each and every business for however many receipts they received and then using however many receipts they got they find the amount of money that the business must donate to the waiver so we've you could distribute it to the charities.

The idea for this business came from the President of WeeVu, Mike Strauss. At the time Mike was coaching a soccer team from the southside of Chicago, Mike felt that this team was a great team and he decided he wanted to take them into a tournament but after seeing the cost of the tournament to enter in the cost to transport the team there he realized that he couldn't pay for it and he didn't want to subject the team to pay for it either. Through this WeeVu was born. As Mike one said in an interview, “I wanted to fundraise for the soccer team that I was coaching, but then I realized I could impact the whole world a lot more and especially the University." Mike saw the potential for WeeVu and he decided he would go through with it. He then contacted his older sister and asked her to be his business partner. Both partners have openly expressed “We are very lucky here on the North Shore, and this is our chance to show that we are willing to share our good fortune with others.”

Similarities between WeeVu and Yum-O

WeeVu and Yum-O are both programs that help charities in many ways that are similar but also some ways that are different. WeeVu for example will take the money you spend on food and give a portion of that money to a charity of your choice. Where as Yum-O will donate food to charities and they also give lessons to less privileged children on how to make good food. The two also give donations be it in food or money from you purchasing food.
Stephanie and Matt Strauss, Founders of Weevu