Module 4, Research

Rough Draft Continued...

Rough draft!

Continue to work on your rough draft which is due on Monday! If you are able to get it completed before Monday, then I will score it over the weekend. Please make sure you are on track and are using your time wisely as next week is the last week for this quarter. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know! I know that everyone is working hard on their paper and cannot wait to see the wonderful pieces you turn in next week!

Be sure to follow the guidelines as you work on this draft:

  1. double-spaced
  2. typed in 12 point TNR font
  3. 3-5 pages
  4. strong persuasive thesis
  5. no personal voice (no I, We)
  6. no rhetorical questions (your argument is much stronger when you make strong statements, not when you ask questions)
  7. it does NOT address the reader (no YOU)
  8. all quotations have been properly incorporated and cited (follows MLA end note citation rules; NO URLS) If you need a refresher, check out this site:
  9. a clear argument that sustains itself throughout the paper
  10. a solid conclusion that wraps up the introduction. No new ideas are introduced in the conclusion.

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10-16 Where should I be in the course?

At this point, you should be completed with everything through Module 4, Lesson 6. We are currently working on lesson 7. If you are here, that is wonderful! If you are not at this point, you really need to put in some extra time this weekend get to this point as the 1st quarter is coming to a close. Everyone in this course can be successful, but you must log in and submit your work daily in order to stay on top of your assignments!

I did enter 0's for missing work last night, this is to let you know where you stand in the course! It is ever so important to stay on top of your due dates!

REMEMBER your due dates:

  • Lessons 1-6 due for full credit by 7am
  • Work on Rough Draft Rough Draft due for FULL credit by 7am Monday
  • Rough draft will receive late credit by Noon on Tuesday
  • No rough drafts will be accepted after NOON on Tuesday, October 20.

So impressed:)

Way to rock it out Ashia! She is the first to turn in her rough draft:) I am so impressed with her hard work in the course to get this paper in, I cannot wait to get all of your papers start sending them my way:)