Ancient China Religion!

Oneil Nieves, Karli Porter, Angel Ortiz, Elisha Nix


Confucianism came from a man named Confucius, he believed in a better world. If people did good, the society would be good too. People believed him to be a great teacher,his followers wrote down his teachings. After he passed his teachings spread through China.


Daoism was to promote a peaceful society,it teaches people how to live a good life. Daoists turn to nature and to Dao-the spiritual force that leads all things,that way they would enjoy a happy life. Daoism told people to avoid worldly affairs and live in harmony with nature.

Dao= "Path"


Legalism was known as the "School of Law". Hanfeizi came up with legalism, he naturally believed people were evil. Strict laws and harsh punishments were used to get people to do their duties. Legalism did not need rulers to think about the needs or wishes of their people. The ideas led to cruel punishments for even the smallest things.