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July 2015

Message from the President: Tribute to Pascavale Enchanted

Editor's Note: In lieu of a formal President's Message this month, Paula has opted to write a tribute to the beautiful Pascavale Enchanted, who has been so influential in our breed. Read on to learn more about this beautiful boy who passed away earlier this summer. Paula and Brenda were fortunate enough to share their home with this shining star so it is fitting that Paula write a tribute to him this month.

Eng. Champion Pascavale Enchanted “Teddy” would have turned 14 years old in July 2015. He lived a very full life and will be missed by those who loved him. Teddy was bred by Mark Sedgwick and Michael Levy. Paula Ayers, Brenda Marta and Kevin Cline were lucky enough to share their homes with him. He has directly and indirectly touched the lives of so many people all over the world.

Enchanted was never shown in America but he had his show career in England shown by his breeders Mark Sedgwick and Michael Levy; receiving his crown at 2 years old. I have been told by many breeders in both America and the UK that Teddy was one of the prettiest puppies they had ever seen. He never met a stranger and like all the Pascavale dogs he had such a loving personality and sweet spirit.

Enchanted achieved many accolades including top stud dog in the UK for three consecutive years, producing 8 British Champions, 15 European Champions. Here in the US, he has been very influential in many breeding programs where he has sired 63 AKC champions including best in show at the AKC National specialty 2011 and 22 CKCSC USA Champions. He is the top producing stud dog in the history of Cavaliers in the CKCSC, USA and tied for top Sire in the AKC.

He earned a Register Of Merit in the CKCSC and AKC and a Legion Of Merit in the AKC, and also produced at least three progeny that have obtained their Register Of Merit. How proud Mark and Michael can be breeding such a remarkable legacy.

It can’t say it any better than Norma Ingles said in her Chatterbox,

“CH Pascavale Enchanted, you were a once in a lifetime dog; a true star among stars. You will forever be cherished in our hearts and you will live forever through your future

generations. Every generation sees Cavaliers that stand away from the crowd…. "Teddy" was one of those dogs. One, that as breeders, we all wanted to have bred..... RIP sweet boy, you were very special.".... Norma, on behalf of the Cavalier world.

Eng Ch. Pascavale Enchanted

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Water Intoxication and the Cavalier

Take a moment to read this important blog post from Embee Cavaliers (Canada) regarding water intoxication. Summertime water play can be fun, but it is important to keep an eye out and know the symptoms of water intoxication and dry or delayed drowning.

Editor's note: I have personally known 3 Cavaliers-- two of which succumbed to this. This is a very real danger and something to be aware of.

Member Spotlight: Jim and Sharon Utych

Editor's Note-- these will be featured in the order they were received. Please answer the email questionnaire if you haven't done so already!

How did I ever get involved with cavaliers? When our sons were growing up, we had a cockapoo named Ernie. He was a great dog and lived 16 wonderful years. When Ernie crossed the bridge, I was so devastated that I could not bear to have another dog for 4 years. Then I met Riley Rein on the streets of NYC in 2008 and BAM! I became that crazy dog lady.

Riley Rein was a Blenheim taking a walk with his parents who were stopped at the same crosswalk as we were. I asked if I could pet him and then 20 minutes later, all I could think about was that little cavalier. My next 3 weeks were obsessed with finding the right cavalier for us. We had his name all picked out – Finn. After much research, we met Finn at Brookhaven. He actually picked us. He ran over to Jim, sat on his shoes and stared up at him. That was that. Four months later, we brought home 9 month old Skye from Brookhaven. My fur boys are my heart and soul and the name behind my blanket business, “The Finnicky Skye”.

Finn and Skye are registered therapy dogs with Therapy Dogs, Inc and visit Alzheimer residents at a local senior living facility in Alpharetta. Both have their AKC Therapy Dog title (THD) and are, at this writing, five visits away from their Advanced (THDA) Therapy title. Both are also AKC Canine Community Citizens (CGCA). We enjoy our therapy visits so much. Finn and Skye get all excited when they see their therapy vests because they know they will be “meeting and greeting” everyone!

This year, I am blessed with another Blenheim boy, Stevie. He is my first show dog and I co-own him with club member & his breeder, Linda Whitmire. Stevie is a joy and I am hoping that he will become a champion in the ring like his daddy, Cowboy! I am having fun showing him and being totally ‘sucked into’ the vortex of the dog show world! Thank GOD, I have an understanding hubby (LOL)! We also have begun to show Finn and Skye in the veterans’ sweeps and I am proud to say that Finn’s first outing in the ring he took BOS in the Veterans Sweeps at the ACKCSC National in Asheville and Skye placed 4th in his class!

Jim and I love to attend dog shows and watch the cavaliers in the ring. We learned so much through seminars, being club members, watching the movement of the cavaliers in the ring and comparing them to the breed standard. We love to “pick” our winners during a show and see how we measure up to the judges selections. I am active in rescue volunteering for the ACKCSC Rescue Trust. I also am the coordinator for the Atlanta CKCS Meetup group, which is a group of cavalier owners who get together to socialize both humans and cavaliers!

Editor's Note:

Check out the Finnicky Skye's Facebook page!

Dr. Judy Morgan: Holistic Veterinarian

You are what you eat... and so is your dog! Learn how to read pet food labels here with Dr. Judy's online webinar-- we will feature the next in the series in the August newsletter. GREAT information about feeding our Cavaliers:

Trainer's Tips: Games to Play with Your Cavalier

Check out some games you can play with your pooch from Tonya Wilhelm, owner of Global Dog Training, fellow Cavalier enthusiast, and author of What's for Dinner, Dex?.

The Book Nook

What's for Dinner, Dexter?

Dr. Judy Morgan, D.V.M. and trainer Tonya Wilhelm team up in this cookbook which centers around cooking for your dog using Chinese medicine theory. The authors state that home cooking for your pet can be fun and easy. By using Chinese medicine theory, you can keep your pet healthy by using fresh, wholesome food ingredients. To learn more, check out their facebook page:

To buy a copy:


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