Shanna Is My Hero

By: Rayne Purdy-Biersack

My Saviour

If it wasn't for Shanna being there for me- I wouldn't be eating, I would still be self-harming and wanting to die.

Really, without her being there for me today, I would be dead by now.

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How She Has Affected My Life

Shanna has taught me so many things since we've began to talk.

One of the many things is that people come and go. I had a hard time trying to accept that, but she's helped me get through it and told me "not everyone is your life is going to stay in it".

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How She's Helped Me

Like I said before, if it wasn't for her I'd be dead at this moment.

When I was thinking of wanting to cut or be complitating suicide, she was really the only one who would try to stop me from attempting the harmful actions.

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Who She Really Is

I can tell you so much about her and her 15 years of life. She has been through h*** and back. When I need to rant to get things off my chest, she's the one I vent to because she listens to what I'm going off about and tries to reason with me about it.

She is so caring, sweet, inspirational, amazingly talented, great listener and a person who plays a HUGE role in my 13 years of life.

Shanna is one of my best friends, but she's more like a mom I never had. It's way more easier to talk to her about my problems and messed up life than to anyone else really. I love her like a daughter loves her mother.

Thank you so much Shanna for being there for me when no one else was. I am there for you like you are for me... Forever and Always.

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