Visit Taipei Taiwan!!!

By:Branden January

all about Taipei Taiwan

Did you know that Taipei Taiwan has hardly any pollution.Well if you didn't they do.The only pollution the do is air and noise pollution.


landform-Taipei lies in the relatively narrow bowl-shaped valley on Tan-Shui.Climate-Taipei is always warm but not for winter.Language-Taipei will always speak Chinese.Currency-what they do for currency is they always working very hard.Art/Arehitecture-Their art is made by monks.


The absolute location is 23.500'N and121'0000.The relative location is Taipei is bisected by the Tropic of Cancer. Taiwan is both the Eastern and the Northern hemisphere.


Region are what are thing connected to. Taipei's regions are Tuoyuan,Hsinch,Ilan,and migol . That are all the regions that surround Taipei Taiwan.

Human/envirment inturection

Natural Resources/Pollution-comparing that level with a few city in china. Fishing/Farming-they farm stuff like carrots. They always go fishing.When it is raining only some of them go fishing.


Trade-What they trade are fish or farm goods and so on.Immigration-there immigration is that they are yearly anniversary. Tourism-The tourism is what they put tourism people in.

other information

the republic of china today consists of the island of Taiwan.the goverment is multiparty their democray.In March of 2000 presidential race.Taiwan joined the world trade organation in January of 2001