Mrs. Jackson's Jabbers

Fifth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

January 7 - January 11

LANGUAGE ARTS - This week, we will wrap up our unit on expository (nonfiction) texts. We will look at the organizational structure: Description, and we will work to identify signal words. We will also work with multiple meaning words. Students will understand that a multiple meaning word is a word whose meaning changes depending on how it is used in a sentence. We will be looking at the Greek root : "struct" which means "build". Students will be assessed on Friday over a list of vocabulary words that each contain the root "struct".

SOCIAL STUDIES: Topics to be studied this week include: The Articles of Confederation, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Students should be able to identify the Articles of Confederation as the "first constitution of the United States." Students will also begin a project to better understand which issues led to the current US Constitution being written and adopted. Lastly, students should be able to point out what the Bill of Rights are, why they were considered necessary, as well as a few of their favorite.


Students are required to read for a MINIMUM of 25 minutes each night. Each day I record who has and has not brought back a signed reading log. For each day a student has missed reading, they lose 20 points on their weekly reading grade. Lost points add up very quickly. Please help me encourage your student to read EACH night. Recently, students have expressed that they are not able to read because of other obligations. I have informed them that, with very few exceptions, these excuses are NOT acceptable. Students should also spend 5 -10 minutes reviewing their vocabulary words each night.