Sports Nutritionist

By: Sydney Banton

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What is a sports nutritionist?

A sports nutritionists main goal is to improve the heath and performance of athletes. They assess the lifestyle of athletes to create a customized program for achieving their goals.

Educational requirements/Certifications

A bachelors degree and state license are the minimum requirements to practice sports nutrition. Additional classes can be taken depending upon the degree earned to become certified in more specific areas of nutrition.


According to the United States Bureau of labor statistics, the median salary annually for sports nutritionists is $55,920. The higher end being $68,490 and the low end being $33,980.


Sports nutritionists work with people, so in order for one to be successful they have to have good people skills. Communication, and patients play a huge role in being a sports nutritionist.
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Where do nutritionists work?

Many nutritionists are employed by college and high school sports teams, clinics, and hospitals. There are many places that nutritionists work.

Job outlook

The nutrition field is said to have a 21% increase between the years of 2012-2022.


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