SMS Middle School Update

Week of February 1-5, 2016


6th Grade Science

The 6th grade are learning about atoms and the subatomic particles that make them up- protons, neutrons, and electrons. They recently completed a project on atoms and the history of how Atomic Theory developed from Greek Scientist Democritus to the modern Cloud Model. “Atoms might be small, but they make a big difference!"- Nora Paller. Interviewed by Moira Byrne

We had a STEM Challenge this week! We had to create a zip line that will carry a ping-pong ball at least 36 inches (in under 4 seconds)!

7th Grade Science

The 7th grade are learning about specific processes that cells undergo to receive vital materials they need to survive. They learned about diffusion, and more specifically osmosis, with an experiment involving eggs to represent a cell. The eggs were soaked for a few days in vinegar to dissolve the shell (a chemical reaction created a product of carbon dioxide!). Then, students compared the initial mass of the eggs compared to their masses after they took a bath in two liquids- water and corn syrup. It was amazing to see the contrast of the eggs' membrane after just one day! The students are compiling their research in a formal lab report.

6th Honors/7th Grade Math

In Miss Amenta’s math class, we are learning about ratios, rates, and unit rates. We also used a simulator from the University of Colorado to simulate slope of a line. Also, we now have a FLIPPED CLASSROOM- we learn at home by watching a screencast that Ms. Amenta makes on an iPad, and do all of our practice questions and go over concepts during class!

The 6th Grade class supplemented their concept of ratios by learning about the Golden Ratio, which is represented by Fibonacci's Sequence. Can you find the pattern?

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34...

The 6th graders created beautiful projects that represent the Fibonacci Sequence, and related their drawings to things that are found in nature with the Golden Proportion of Phi.

The 7th Grade class created fantastic presentations on Google Slides to teach about operations with fractions. They learned how to embed educational videos and pictures, and used many functionalities of the Google Slides suite to create stunning presentations!

8th Pre-Algebra

Miss Amenta's Pre-Algebra class is also learning with screencasts! They completed projects about rational numbers, and participated in each other's great presentations.

“Math Is super fun!” McKenna Axtel; Interviewed by Mark Bluemle

7th Grade Religion

New Testament

We have been reading the last two parts of the New Testament: Letters and Revelation. We created advice columns on Smore from the perspective of Paul. We imagined that people were writing in questions at the beginning of Christianity, and we answered the questions with our knowledge of Paul's mission at the time.


We worked with 3rd graders to create "stained glass" crosses to lead us into the season of Lent. We will remain prayer buddies with our partners throughout Lent.
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