My Job Experiences

Bethesda and Goessel Library Experiences

Jobs At Bethesda

My daily jobs at Bethesda include the following...



Cleaning Windows

Social Time with Residence

Sweeping Sidewalks (Butterfly garden, Sunflower Entrance)

Most Enjoyable Things About Working at Bethesda

I really enjoy the nurses and other people that work at Bethesda. They are alway nice and friendly to me. This one nurse always has a smile on her face. I also enjoy watching the Price Is Right during break time. I really enjoy seeing Calvin each day. My favorite job is Vacuuming. I enjoy using the cordless one better than the corded one. Sweeping is ok, and my second favorite job.

The Jobs I Feel I Do Best At

I think I do the best at vacuuming the hallway. At first I didn't know how to vacuum in a pattern, but now I have a good grasp on how to vacuum the hall appropriately.

Most Challenging Part About Working At Bethesda

It's hard to know if Calvin is in a good mood or not. I want him to be in a good mood, but when he is not it kind of bothers me. Using the corded vacuum is also challenging for me. Sometimes it gets tangled or just gets in the way. When wheel chairs or cleaning carts come down the hall it sometimes is a problem. The cord can be a hassel sometimes. The other thing that bothers me some is there are often different people that come to the Sunflower hall. Sometimes that can be distracting.

Jobs At The Goessel Library

At the Library I do the following jobs...

Check in books

Shelve books

Check out books

Feed the fish

Answer phone

Recycling and Trash

Put labels on new books

Most Enjoyable Jobs at Library

Checking in books and checking out books.

Answering the phone.

Free time on the computer

Jobs I Feel I Do Best at the Library

Shelving books

Shelving Movies

Answering the phone

Most Challenging Jobs at Library

The most challenging is trying to work while the pre school kids are there on Fridays. Sometimes they are loud.

Overall Feelings About Working at Both Places

I really enjoy working at both Bethesda and the Library. However, I enjoy Bethesda the most. I love the people I work with there and get to see. Right now I go to Bethesda Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for 3 hours, and the Library on Thursday and Fridays for 3 hours. After I graduate I would like to continue working at both places, however I would like to work 4 days at Bethesda, if possible, and work Friday and Saturday at the Library.

Jason Meysing

Goessel High School Senior 2013