Integrating Technology

Incorporating Technology When It Makes Sense

Global Stories on Discovery Education

Global Stories are current event videos lasting about 5 minutes. These news-style programs are updated each week and are available every Wednesday afternoon.

Discovery Education

Student Login

username: first initial last name last 4 digits of student ID number

password: student ID number

  • Log in to Discovery Education and go to MyDE.
  • On the right sidebar, you’ll find Global News. Toggle between grades K-5 (Global Stories) and grades 6-12 (Global Wrap).

Ideas in the classroom....

K-2: Have the video available on your desktop computers. Have students draw a picture and write a sentence about the main idea.

3-5: For morning work, have students watch the video and answer a question, such as this one... Watch the bald eagle news story with your students and have them read the transcript. Ask: According to the news story, what was the main factor that caused the drop in bald eagle numbers in the mid-1900s? What did the government do in response to the falling numbers? What was the effect of the government’s response? Have students work in pairs or small groups to answer these questions. Have one group volunteer to present their answers, while the rest of the class asks clarifying questions and contributes to the discussion with their own answers