Meet Heather Drinkwater

Mom, Librarian, Student

Just the facts, nothing but the facts about Heather

1. Heather lives on the Northern Neck in Richmond County, VA. Don't confuse this with Richmond, VA. Richmond, VA is a city, Richmond County, VA is the country!!!

2. Heather lives on 12 acres and is surrounded by a farm. (like I said, in the country)

3. Heather has two children

4. Heather is a graduate of Old Dominion University

5. Heather only encounters one stop sign, no stop lights, on her 45 minute commute to work. Did I mention she lives in the country?

6.Heather began her teaching career in Norfolk, VA

7. Heather has been a third grade teacher

8. Heather was lucky enough to go to Disney World this summer

9. Heather is currently reading The Book Thief

10. During her copious amounts of "free time" she enjoys hanging out with her kids

11- this is huge- Heather just switched jobs from being an elementary classroom teacher to being a HS Librarian

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Things we have in common

We both have two children

We find the same words coming out of our mouths

We both have unbelievable amounts of "free time" (that sounds better than none)

We both have dogs

We're both making our way through the Master's program for Library Science to become School Librarians