Internet Safety

How to keeep children safe and protected.

My article.

This webpage is aimed more at parents, but children can look to try put my point a crossed.

The webpage is safety instruction and how to keep you child safe.

Keep your children safe and never worry again!

We are writing to tell people out there, for you to tell your children. Recently, people have been putting they addresses online and perverts or paedophile have been searching the internet for youngsters. Facebook, twitter and any online websites are being searched for young children. Never expose yourself to the world or public.

Staying safe!

Never expose yourself, don't put your address online, don't put private pictures up and keep things that mean most to you in your heart not exposed all over your webpage.

Some online webpages that contain alot of youngsters.

Guaranteed being safe online...

Cyber bullying is something that happens on webpages.

Don't message people you don't know as they may bully you and push you to the edge which causes problems in your life and maybe for the rest of your life. Stay safe and be careful what you do as anything can hit you and make you fall.

If you child has a phone, use parental potection.

Change the settings on your child's phone, so they can not use the internet on online webpages. Make sure if your child has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, keep a check on it 24/7 and don't let that message get past yours eyes as one day your child could be gone.if you would like to know what happens, have a look...