World Record Attempt

Are your pupils ready to break a world record?

13th November 2015 2:30pm (UK)

Official Guinness World Record Attempt

Is it possible to break a world record, provide thousands of children with a world-class teaching and learning opportunity, and raise money for charity - all at the same time? The answer is yes!

Now we ask, would your school be interested in taking part?

Teachers David Andrews and Chris Williams - with the support of Schools Advisory Service - have had an official world record attempt approved by Guinness World Records. They will attempt to teach *The World’s Largest Language Lesson on Children in Need day - November 13th 2015. Schools Advisory Service have pledged to donate £1 to Children in Need for every pupil participating in the lesson.

*This is a literacy lesson with an emphasis on spoken language and will be taught in English

David and Chris are passionate about addressing the challenges facing children living with social disadvantage and poverty through education. They believe that education is the most powerful tool in addressing disadvantage and, through high quality online learning, can become a powerful vehicle for change. Their approach, drawing upon resources and activities hosted on their online platform ‘The Ed Store’, uses tablet technology to lead to accelerated and sustained progress for all students. They present their work at conferences in the UK and USA and have a strong reputation as pioneers in their field. The approach is already in use in hundreds of schools across the world.

10,000 participants are required to set this brand new world record and we are delighted that so many schools have already expressed their interest in taking part. The participants will participate in the lesson via a live ‘webcast’ lesson taught by David and Chris and will need to produce a spoken or written outcome based on the lesson. The lesson is suitable for pupils of all ages.

Benefits for Schools:

• An engaging high-impact activity for all students ( primaary/secondary/special)

• An approach teachers can use in all areas of the curriculum

• Good publicity for the school, and supporting a worthy cause

• Introduction to a revolutionary resources and professional development platform

• Every pupil participant raises £1 for Children in Need

• Pupils will receive a certificate and will have a memorable experience as they will (hopefully) be world record holders.


To learn more about this world record attempt, please contact:

Chris Williams

Email Twitter: @writingrecord


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