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Fill in the Blank

Our country’s founding fathers looked at the _____________ of prosperous countries in order to create our own nation
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Usage/Other Forms

archetypal, archetypical, archetypic (adjective)

archetypally, archetypically (adverb)


  • form
  • ideal
  • model
  • original
  • paradigm
  • pattern


  • disorganization
  • atypical
  • copy
  • duplicate

Helpful hints

ARCHetype: Think of the Golden Arches (McDonalds) and how it serves as a model for other fast food chains.

Other Examples

Archetypes can also be places or seasons

Wasteland: Little or no water. No harmony (man vs. man or man vs. nature). Dominant colors: red, black, gray, or brown. Extreme temperatures. Insufficient food, shelter, and clothing. Hate, distrust, and evil.

Country vs. City: simplicity vs. complexity; purity vs. corruption.

Spring: birth, childhood, a new beginning.

River or stream: crossing, transformation.

Fountains: purification, baptism.

Islands: isolation, magical wilderness.

Forest: wild place; those who enter often lose their direction.

Garden: Perfect society. Harmony between nature and mankind. Dominant colors of green and gold. Freedom from evil and suffering. Abundance of water, food, clothes, and shelter.

Choose the incorrect use of the word:

  1. The film that won the best picture award should be considered the archetype of all future movies.
  2. When vampire books became popular, many authors tried to imitate the archetype of the most successful novel.
  3. He is developing an archetype for his invention.
  4. He was the archetype of the individual man, the lone venturer, who against the odds makes out.

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