6th Grade Newsletter

Upcoming Events

9/7 Monday:

Labor Day / Holiday for All

9/8 Tuesday:

Wear Blue

9/9 Wednesday:

Wear Purple

Virtual PTO Meeting @ 3:00 pm

Zoom link for PTO Meeting: https://brevardschools-org.zoom.us/j/84038992588

9/10 Thursday:

Wear Black

9/11 Friday:

Wear Brown

Early Release 1:15 pm.

Math: Classroom Connection

We are continuing with Chapter 0 (a chapter I am using to bridge the gap between the loss of 5th grade curriculum and the beginning of 6th grade).It is heavy in fractions and operations of fractions.

We are going to take our Chapter 0 test of Wednesday (September 9th). It will cover all lessons from Chapter 0. Then we will start into Chapter 1 which gets us into the text book. Remember the textbook can be found online from my website. www.zgoncmath.com

Finally, we will begin our timed tests next week. Students will have 4 minutes to answer 100 questions in all 4 operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide). They were expected to master these facts at the beginning of 5th grade. There is a link on my website that directs you to a great program for kids to work on their speed. (https://xtramath.org/#/home/index)

We will work on them throughout the first nine weeks.

Thanks..Mr. Zgonc

ELA: Classroom Connection

In ELA, we will be wrapping up our first vocabulary lesson. Throughout the year, these lessons will help our students enhance their vocabulary and their ability to determine unknown words by using their knowledge of Greek or Latin affixes and roots. We will be testing on Lesson 1 words mid-week (see specific dates below). Following our test, we will begin Lesson 2, which will focus on the root word photo (words will include photocopy, photograph, photon, photosynthesis, and telephoto), as well as continuing our learning of “not” prefixes (im-, il-, in-) with the words incapable, ineligible, imbalance, illiterate, and illogical.

Focus Standard – LAFS.6.L.3.4, LAFS.6.L.3.5

We are also working on our reading skill of identifying the main idea and supporting details in informational text. Focus Standards – LAFS.6.RI.1.2. To practice this skill, we are using the article, “Toys R Us: The End of an Era.” We will be testing on this reading skill and article near the end of the week (see schedule below).

Upcoming tests:

Vocabulary Lesson 1 test – Wednesday, Sept. 9th

Main Idea/Details test – Thursday, Sept. 10th

Social Studies: Classroom Connection

This year in Social Studies, students are studying ancient civilizations. Where we live, determines how we live, therefore the perfect place to begin our studies is GEOGRAPHY.

Students are currently learning the different types of maps that exist and how to use maps effectively while graphing latitude and longitude. This knowledge of geography will help students understand the physical and cultural characteristics of the places we are going to study this year!

Upcoming Quiz

Thurs (9/10): Introduction to Geography Quiz

A study guide will be provided that teaches students how to study effectively.

Next Topic: Students will learn how social scientists reconstruct the lives of prehistoric humans by examining images of cave paintings and other artifacts.

Tour the World - Official Music Video
Dr. Nagler's Laboratory: Longitude and Latitude

Science: Classroom Connection

Our first unit of study is, "The Nature of Science." Students have been exploring this topic through the use of their Virtual Interactive Notebook located on their Science Google Classroom. Students have begun to make observations, gathering qualitative and quantitative evidence. They have differentiated between an observation, an inference and a prediction through the examination of various pictures. Students have reviewed the scientific method, and will begin to utilize these skills in an upcoming experiment involving paper airplanes.

Upcoming Quiz:

Week of 9/14 : Nature of Science

A study guide will be provided that teaches students how to study effectively.

Extra Credit Opportunity:

Students must film themselves and a family member dancing and singing to the lyrics of the Go Noodle Video: Think Like A Scientist - Blazer Fresh | The Scientific Method that I have included below.

Please send this video to schachner.kimberly@brevardschools.org, or upload the video to your child's Google Drive or a private YouTube page. This is due by Friday 9/11/20.

Have fun!

Think Like A Scientist - Blazer Fresh | The Scientific Method | GoNoodle

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