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What mindfulness looks like in the classroom?

The 60 Second Fix Lesson Plan

The 60 Second Fix by: Regalena Melrose

This is a lesson Mrs. Betker has taught to several elementary classrooms.

Lesson Objective: Teach students how to complete the 60 second fix.

Long Term Objective: Teacher will be able to state "It's time for your 60 second fix." and all students will be ready for learning in 60 seconds. After some practice, there will be no need for prompting from teachers.

The lesson:

Have the students sit at the carpet (or desks for older students)

Ask: Do you every have a hard time sitting still or listening to the teacher? Why do we have a hard time? (exterior and interior distractions)

I’m going to teach you something called the 60 second fix to help you relax and get yourself ready to learn.

1st we need to learn how to breathe.—teach students to breath in through their nose and out through their mouth. (Use a candle app and have the students blow out the candle.)

2nd we need to think of a beautiful, relaxing nature scene. Nature is the outdoors. What do you find relaxing in nature? Turn and tell your neighbor.

Show 6 pictures and have students vote what they find more relaxing. (I can email you the document I used if requested)

The 3rd thing we need to do is pay attention to what is happening in our bodies and how we feel.

What are your body cues for:

Scared: shake, stomach ache, big eyes

Mad: tense muscles, squint eyes, heart pound

Sad: look down, frown, cry

Silly/excited: wiggly, talk a lot,

Calm: focused, sit still

Which would be the best for learning? Turn and tell your neighbor.

Now we’re going to go back to your desk and put it all together.

Teach the 60 second fix

*5 little tools in 1 little minute

"Sitting in a chair, uncross your legs or feet, and feel your feet flat on the ground. "un-pretzel"

" take in the support of what you are sitting on. Lean into the back of the chair, Feel your bottom on the chair beneath you. Let the chair do the work.

"Breathe in through your nose, and with each breath fill your belly with air, slowly breathe out your mouth or nose.

"Visualize a soothing nature scene, such as the beach, a meadow, or flowing stream; or imagine some other safe and beautiful place that is just for you. You can do this with your eyes open or closed, whichever feels most comfortable for you."-you could put a soothing scene on the board or have pictures on your classroom walls

"Now most importantly, notice what is happening inside your body

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Sarah Reznechek, LSW and Laura Betker, LSW