Team One Newsletter

Week of 9/30-10/4

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Jeff Bromley - Social Studies

This week 9/30-10/4:

  • Continue Code of Hammurabi DBQ
  • Introduce Hieroglyphics and Egyptian writing
  • Begin Ancient Egyptian Project

Emilia Walsh - Science

Next week we will:

  • Begin ESS3-2: Human Impacts
  • Natural Hazards Project

This week we:

  • ESS2-5: Weather
  • Air mass interactions
  • Open INB Quiz

Meaghan Harriott - Language Arts

This week we will be..

Monday 9/30: Continue to discover character traits that answer the essential question, "What makes a person successful?"

Tuesday 10/1: Learn how to cite quotations from the text to support a claim

Remainder of the week: Begin writing in class assessment essays for unit 1

Last week we...

Learned how to make a claim and back it up with evidence and wrote summaries of the Steve Jobs speech

Allison Watts - Math

Class Updates

This will be my last full week until I go on maternity leave!

There will be no homework this week other than STUDY FOR TEST! Students will have 2 days to complete the test.

If you have questions/concerns please email me! Have a fantastic week!

This Week....

Monday- Finding Unit rates, putting mod 3 notes in binders, putting fraction packets in binders working on division

Tuesday- Review for Test

Wednesday- Review for Test

Thursday- Test


Meri Miller-Kahle

La informaccion de Smore que usted recibe se puede traducir usando el buton el la parte inferior de la pantalla . A contunuacion se muestra un imagen de la opcion de pagina de traduccion.
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