Mrs. Johnson's Super Hero Update

August-October Edition

Week of October 26th

As the days get colder, please make sure your student is coming to school with the proper outdoor attire. We will go out to recess every day, except if it is below 0 outside.

Don't forget picture retakes are on Monday morning!

The lunchroom has told us that lunch will switch for Monday and Wednesday. Lunch on Monday will be Mini Chimi or Chicken Quesadilla. Lunch on Wednesday will be Mini Corn Dogs or Macaroni and Cheese w/ Chicken.

Halloween- we will be celebrating Halloween on Thursday! Please have your student wear their costume. Remember, no face paint, no costume masks (a face mask must be worn that covers the mouth and nose), and no weapons. Our PTO will be providing us with a "party in a box." We will also be recording our Halloween Program for you!

The Sunnyside Library Online Bookfair is currently happening! It will run until November 1st.

November 3rd is Election Day and will be a remote learning day.

Skills Block- We are working on Cycle 6, short e words.

Module- we finished our Magnificent Classroom Things! We are working on writing about what we created.

Math- we are working on Chapter 3, Addition Facts to 10.

Our schedule this week:

Monday- picture retakes

Tuesday- specials


Thursday- spelling and high-frequency words test, wear costume, record Halloween program

Friday- remote learning

Quarantine book boxes
Happy Box
Scrap paper box
Book Holder

Week of October 19th

Thank you so much for the small cups that have come in! The students were really excited!

Halloween costumes- this year dressing up was left to individual classes or grade levels. We have chosen to let our students dress up on October 29th. Please remember no face paint, no costume masks (hard plastic), and no weapons. Students still need to be able to wear their face masks over their nose and mouth. Usually, First Grade does a Halloween program, but we aren't able to this year. Instead, we will be singing the songs in our room and I will record it for parents. It's going to be so much fun!

Picture Retakes- October 26th. Pictures should be coming home next week so you'll know if your student needs a retake.

November 3rd- This is Election Day, a Tuesday, and will be a remote learning day.

Sunnyside will be having an online book fair. It is October 19th-November 1st. More information will be coming home next week!

Skills Block- We are working on Cycle 5, short o words. Please practice these words at home along with the high-frequency words.

Module- Last week we started creating our Magnificent Things for our classroom. I can't wait to share pictures of them when they are completed. Our students had some of the best ideas!

Math- We will take the Chapter 2 test on Monday. Chapter 3 will be Addition Facts to 10.

Our schedule this week:

Monday:- Chapter 2 math test

Tuesday- specials

Wednesday- lesson with Mrs. Whiting

Thursday- spelling test, high-frequency words test

Friday- remote learning

Week of October 12th

Thank you to all the parents that are sending in candy for our secret Halloween project! The students are SO excited to be able to give everyone at school a treat! If you volunteered to bring treats, we will need them here by October 26th so that we can get them counted out and decorate bags for each classroom.

The office is no longer providing water bottles for students that don't have a water bottle. Our classroom could use a donation of dixie cups. This will let us use our sink for drinks and no student will go thirsty. Please let me know if you're willing to send in some small disposable cups.

Our book order is due October 15th. If you would like to order online, the classroom code is QTDQY.

Skills Block- we are working on Cycle 4, short u words. Spelling lists came home last Wednesday. We do practice spelling at school, but it helps if it is practiced at home, too. Please have your student read the high-frequency words to you. These are also on the test on Thursday.

Module- This week we will begin creating a Most Magnificent Thing for our classroom! I can't wait to see what kinds of ideas the students have!

Math- We will finish up Chapter 2 Number Bonds this week. Your student will come home with their review Thursday night. It will be due the following Monday.

Our schedule this week:


Tuesday- specials


Thursday-math review comes home, spelling test, high-frequency words test

Friday- remote learning

Week of October 5th

Please ask your student about their supplies. It is SO hard to not share supplies with others this year. We have quite a few dried out dry erase markers or ruined dry erase markers.

Headphones- Sunnyside provided headphones for your student this year. In years past we were able to replace broken headphones at a cost to parents, but unfortunately, we are unable to do that this year. If your student's headphones get broken new ones will need to be sent in. We do use them with our Chromebooks every day! I will send out an email when I see broken headphones.

Skills Block- We are working on Cycle 3, short i words. Spelling lists came home last Wednesday.

Module- We started a new book, The Little Red Pen. Ask your student what happened in the beginning and middle. We haven't read to the end yet! We are learning how authors show feeling in books, through illustrations and text.

Math- We started a new chapter today! Chapter 2 Number Bonds! Here is a quick video to explain number bonds:

In the video, the big circle is called "the total" but in our math, we call it "the whole."

Our schedule this week:


Tuesday- specials

Wednesday- lesson with Mrs. Whiting

Thursday- Spelling test, reading high frequency words test

Friday- Remote Learning

Sunnyside Elementary Clothing Drive

Monday, Sep. 21st, 8:30am to Thursday, Sep. 24th, 2:30pm

165 Cobblestone Lane

Idaho Falls, ID

What to donate:

Socks, shoes (gently used or new)

Underwear (new only please)

Sizes: all children's sizes

Week of September 21st

There isn't a lot to report this week!

We will be having individual school pictures taken tomorrow!

Skills Block- this cycle will last for 2 weeks, so we won't be having a spelling test on Thursday. It will be the following week. Please make sure your student knows how to read and write the short a words. They will also need to know how to read the high frequency words listed on the purple spelling paper.

Module- we are continuing our work with tools.

Math- We will finish working on Numbers to 10. The chapter test will be on 9/28.

Here is our schedule for this week:

Monday- school pictures

Tuesday- Specials, wear tennis shoes


Thursday- Chromebooks come home

Friday- remote learning

School Pictures

Monday, Sep. 21st, 8:30am

165 Cobblestone Lane

Idaho Falls, ID

Week of September 14th

I hope your Friday online learning went well. Please don't forget to reach out if you have any questions! Here is an IT phone number to keep handy for any Chromebook issues: 208-524-7816. The hours on Friday are 8:30-4:30.

This week we will start spelling! On Monday your student will come home with a half-sheet purple paper with the spelling words. Practice these words to prepare for the test on Thursday. These are the same spelling words your student practiced with on Spelling City on Friday. I will also list them here this week: can, cup, lap, run, map, mop, rip, hot, sit, and let.

Reading- we are going to start rotations this week.

Math- we will begin Chapter 1 Numbers to 10

Module- we will continue with Tools and Work

Here is our schedule for this week:

Monday- spelling list will come home

Tuesday- specials, remember your tennis shoes!


Thursday- spelling test, new spelling words come home, Chromebook comes home

Friday- remote learning

Week of September 7th

Wow! We had a great first week of school! I hope your students enjoyed it just as much as I did!

I don't have very many announcements this week.

Specials- We will have specials starting at 8:30 Tuesday morning. All specials will be in our classroom except PE. We do have PE first, so please don't be late to school on Tuesdays and please remember to bring tennis shoes!

Reading- We are working on our stamina for AIR (Accountable Independent Reading). We were able to read for 13 minutes and 37 seconds on Friday without stopping and no talking! That is amazing! We will continue to work on our stamina, become familiar with Epic on our chromebooks, and learn how to do word work. We will not be starting spelling or Skills Block this week.

Math- We will be working on logging into our chromebooks, setting up Reflex Math (addition and subtraction fluency program), and starting Prodigy.

Module- We are starting our module work and first case study tomorrow! We will unmask the topic tomorrow after lunch! I can't wait for your student to share with you what we'll be learning about!

Don't forget to download the app for Class Dojo! That is where I'll post pictures of our class!

Please don't hesitate to email me or send me a message on Class Dojo if you have a question.

Have a wonderful week!

Week of August 31st

Hello First Grade Families!

My name is Julie Johnson and I am excited to be your child's First Grade teacher year year. This is my 14th year teaching at Sunnyside Elementary and my 12th year in First Grade. When I'm not at school you can find me playing games with my family, watching both my daughters cheer, chatting with my friends, or reading a book. I have two gorgeous daughters, Ashlyn (15) and Brynlee (13) and 2 stubborn dogs, Rory and Taz.

Important Information

Below is the information that was emailed home. Please make sure to view the information about lunch and the Sunnyside Newsletter.

Teacher: Mrs. Julie Johnson

Email Address:

School phone number: (208)524-7880

School Hours Monday-Thursday: 8:20-2:25 (first bell rings at 8:15)

Friday: At home distance learning

Take-Home Folder: All students in my class will have a take-home folder to help them learn independence and take home important papers. Daily use is required so students need to bring their folder home and back to school every day.

Masks: Students will be required to wear a mask at school when maintaining a distance of 6 feet is not possible. I plan on having socially distanced "mask breaks" throughout the day so the kids can have a break. Please have your child keep an extra mask in their backpack for unforeseen circumstances. I will also have a few disposable masks available if should they be needed.

Chromebooks: Each student will be issued their own Chromebook. It is the students' responsibility to take care of it. Keep in mind this is school-issued property so please treat it with respect! There will be more information to come.

Absences: If your child is going to be absent from school for any reason, please call the office at (208)524-7880, send me a Dojo message, or send me an email.

Specials: Students will participate in Art, Music, Library, and P.E. on Tuesday mornings starting the second week of school. Please have your child wear or bring gym shoes on those days. Our specials schedule is below:

P.E. 8:30-9:00

Library: 9:00-9:30

Music: 9:30-10:00

Art: 10:00-10:30

Rules: Our class will spend some time discussing our classroom rules throughout the school year. All students are expected to follow our classroom rules that go along with our Expeditionary Learning (EL) framework. Students are expected to collaborate with others, persevere in all situations, and be responsible learners.

Behavior Management: Our class utilizes a website called Class Dojo to track daily behavior. Students can earn positive behavior points for collaborating, persevering, being responsible, and other positive behaviors. Students can also lose points by disrupting our learning, blurting out, and using unkind words. You can use a parent login where you can see all the points given/taken from your child (a class dojo letter will be coming with more information). Every 25 points earned, students get to choose from our treasure box which includes coupon passes or small prizes.

Classroom Newsletter: I will be updating our newsletter on Monday. This newsletter will include important announcements and also what we will be working on in class.

Birthdays: All student birthdays will be celebrated during the school year! For those students with birthdays during the school week, we will celebrate them that day. For those birthdays on the weekend, we will celebrate on the Thursday before. For summer birthdays, we will celebrate on their half birthday. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we are not allowing students to bring in birthday treats this year.

Lunch: We have a new lunchroom this year! Our class will eat lunch from 10:45-11:05 and go to recess from 11:05-11:25. Your student can bring lunch from home or buy lunch in the cafeteria. There are two hot lunch option every day. hot lunch from the cafeteria costs $2.70. Cold lunch students have the option to purchase milk for $0.40. You can choose to pay for your student's lunches online or send in money with your student to school. Visit the school district's website at to view the lunch menu, pay for lunches, or view information regarding Take-Home Meals for Fridays.

Communication: The best way to contact me is through messaging on Class Dojo or by email. Please note, I only check my email before school starts and after school. The quickest way to reach me will be through Class Dojo.

Sunnyside Newsletter

Sunnyside Elementary has a newsletter that is updated regularly! Click here to access the newsletter!

First Day of First Grade!

Monday, Aug. 31st, 8:15am

165 Cobblestone Lane

Idaho Falls, ID

I will be outside at 8:05! I will be wearing my red mask that says "Mrs. Johnson." I can't wait to see you!