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May, 2016--We're Almost There!

Gmail Migration--Filed Mail and Old Email Deletion

As you are well aware, we are migrating from Exchange to Gmail in the fall. The target date for the complete migration is during MEA in October. Staff will start seeing changes in September when you return.


Hattie Leary put out an email for staff to move all filed mail from a separate storage area on either the computer's hard drive or on the network folders to the Exchange server. If you have mailed filed in ON MY COMPUTER you will need to prepare for the migration by copying all the mail stored in files ON MY COMPUTER to the exchange server area. Create a new folder in the Exchange server area and move all your personal ON MY COMPUTER folders to that new folder. Be sure to stop using the old folders from this point on. If you have not created these special folders, you are all ready for the Gmail migration on this count.


Please consider this just a friendly reminder that you have only three weeks to:

  • Delete unneeded email messages, and
  • Clear out your Sent Folder and your Delete Folders

More information about the migration will be shared in the coming weeks, including:

  • A full timeline,
  • Professional development opportunities,
  • How to go about updating contact information, and
  • New features available.

Stay tuned to all important emails about the Gmail migration! We have to all do our part to make this transition as smooth and painless as possible.

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Media Centers-- Your Partner in Digital Citizenship

Here I am; a Media Specialist for many, many years, and many, many people don't know and understand the lessons we provide students in our Media Centers. Again,just lately, I heard the old adage, "you just read books to kids, right?!?" Ahhhhh....

Our Anoka-Hennepin Media Department is on a new campaign to let staff know what lessons are being taught to their students. Actually, we only instruct the students for NINE HOURS the entire school year! We generally have a fifteen minute block for lessons and then a fifteen minute block for book check-out. One of our goals is to instruct students in Grades 1 through 5 on Digital Citizenship and how students are getting more technology savvy. There are great advantages of going online, but also many dangers and traps that kids need to be made aware of. Besides teaching students about authors, illustrators, text-features, eResources, and countless others, here are a few of the topics we teach on Digital Citizenship by grade level:


Acceptable Use Policy
My Online Neighborhood--Going Place Safely
Personal and Private Information
Creative Work--Giving Credit to the Owner of a Work


Acceptable Use Policy
Identifying the Creator of a Work (copyright)
Online Advertising
Personal and Private Information--what to share/what not to share
Sites I Like


Acceptable Use Policy
Digital Footprints
Personal and Private Information and Responsibilities
COPA (Children's Online Protection Act)


Acceptable Use Policy
Strong Passwords
Citations and copyrights--citing online sources
Cyberbulling and the Power of Words
Keeping Safe Online
Digital Footprints and the Digital Trail
COPA (Children's Online Protection Act)


Acceptable Use Policy
Private Information Smarts!
Citations and copyright
Emails, texting, and sharing
Online advertising
COPA (Children's Online Protection Act)
Digital Footprints and the "Foreverness" of the Internet

We also in Media are strong proponents of eResources-- we never say, "just Google it!" Google can bring back results that are bogus or bias. Our Anoka-Hennepin eResources are vetted, updated on a daily basis, accurate and trustworthy. Please encourage their use in your classrooms so students hear a consistent message. Thank You!

New Firewall Coming to the District and Temp-Shared will be deleted on July 1st for 2015-2016

If you have included any items in Temp Share, make plans to move them now. At the present time there are 212,000 thousand things on Temp Shared! Please remove any items before they disappear on move them into the new Temp-Shared folder by following this path: StaffShare—DistrictWideData. Move to the TempShared labeled 7-01-17.

The district is getting a new firewall this summer. The present firewall no longer meets the needs of the district. Anoka-Hennepin will be using Palo Alto as their new firewall provider. Palo Alto is a major national provider. It will have better visibility and security and threat prevention. Ransom ware- virus will also be better detected. The new equipment install will take place after hours, and the server will be down during that time in the case you are working during those late night summer hours.

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The Latest on Video Distribution in Anoka-Hennepin

The Safari Montage pilot was discontinued since the Safari components were unable to multicast on our network. Now the hunt has begun to find a new system that fit all the requirements and objectives for use. The deliverables for a new system include the showing of content from Discovery Education, live broadcasting on site that can be recorded, stored and searched, multi-device usage, and the access of live broadcast channels.
As of last week, the district has received a subscription qyote from TriplePlay and the TriplePlay equipment is currently being shipped. Other bidders are being sought as well, and they are presently doing the paperwork to test out these vendors. They are looking for one major distributor that meets all the district goals.
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"In the future, your digital footprint will carry far more weight than anything you might include on a resume." Chris Betcher

Bring Them Back Overdue Library Book Parody

FYI: All Staff Books/check-outs are due back to the Media Center June 8th; just ask Queen Elsa from the above video!!

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