Who is Marilina?

a complex task to talk about me!

At the beginning....

.... but life was soon to change.....

I took up teaching

As a teacher I tried to apply all that I had learnt from scientists: the use of technology and the importance of networking, because you can only learn a language if you use it for real communication!!

I introduced both in my teaching and found communities of educators both in Europe and overseas to have my students work with, i.e. eTwinning, Flat Classroom, Comenius.

I even wrote an ebook of ESL and geography!

My passions...

Meeting people

I like travelling, but not as a touristi! I love meeting different cultures and ways of living, visiting schools and exchanging with colleagues all over the world! The best trip last year was the one in the north of Sweden on a school exchange! Such a different place from the one where I live!


I love reading in any of the languages I know and like joining my book club meetings whenever I can. My friends are so interesting and clever!


My colleagues think i'd be lost without a computer...... but it is not completely true! I like to use technology in the classroom because it is stimulating for the students and it is a way of challenging myself!

The picture is my avatar in Second Life!