Edgar Allan Poe

Aaliyah Martinez

Who was Edgar Allan Poe?

Edgar Allan Poe was an author who has had his works in print since the year 1827. Edgar wrote stories and told tales that were a bit gruesome and sinister. He is credited by many as the inventor of the modern detective story and an innovator in the science fiction. The man also spent some time in the U.S. army.

Edgar's Childhood

Edgar was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. He was the second of three children, so a middle child. Both his mom and dad died within 3 years of his birth, leaving little Edgar and his siblings alone. Luckily, he was taken in by a wealthy tobacco merchant by the name of John Allan and his wife. When Edgar was 6 years old, he went to school in England for 5 years.

A Life of Sickness and Death

A very big part of Edgar's life was filled with death and sickness. For example, he experienced the death of his parents within 3 years of his birth. A brother of his also died early. Later on, Edgar heard that Frances Allan, the wife of John, was dying of tuberculosis; he wanted to see her before she died, as that was the only mother he'd ever known. Sadly, she had already died and been buried by the time he got back. Afterward, Allan himself also died.

Early Author

When Edgar was a young boy,he had enough poetry written to publish a book. John Allan, the man who took him in, was advised against letting the boy do so, however. Later on, though, Edgar did publish his first written book, called Tamerlane and Other Poems, in 1827.

Significant Work

Poe's most significant work was The Raven, the book turned Edgar into a household name.

Relation Between Life and Works

The theme of death and misfortune show up a lot in Edgar's work, and that's what most of his life was filled with. Also, much of Edgar's poetry came from his personal love life.

Edgar's Death

Edgar's death was such a mystery because he up and disappeared while on tour. Also, he was found in a public place. When he was found and up until he died, Edgar wasn't in the shape to tell or explain what had happened to him, either.

Edgar's Impact

Edgar brought on a more gruesome style of writing, even when it came to his poems. This style was relatively new to the world, and it was interesting.


Edgar's stories fall into the genre of horror-fiction and detective-fiction.