Carson City CC News Flash

Week 15

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! I thought it would be fun to research a little about the origin of St. Valentine's Day. Most of the information I learned can not be shared here. Pretty shocking stuff! Those ancient Romans were quite brutal and licentious. Thanks to Shakespeare and Chaucer, who helped romanticize the holiday, St. Valentine's Day grew sweeter and handmade paper cards were common during the Middle Ages. Eventually it has grown into the big business holiday we know and love here in the US.

Crayfish Remembered

I found this amazing picture of a crayfish. Yes, those are countless babies on the abdomen. Cool and kinda creepy!


Please be sure to check out all the links. I updated the Family Responsibilities and Family Presentation Schedule. Don't forget about our wonderful Breakfast and Lunch Service. If you are able to bring a crockpot of soup to bless our CC families at lunch, the sign up is linked below.

Information Meetings

We will be having many Information Meetings over the next few weeks. I would encourage everyone to attend an Information Meeting if possible. This is a great time to review the classical model of education and the unique way CC incorporates this model with a Christian worldview in supportive communities. For the most up to date schedule for IMs, please refer to the events calendar on the CC website. I would like to schedule an Information Meeting Training for any CC parents who are interested in conducting IMs. Please let me know if you are interested!