Mrs. Faccio's 4th Grade Newsletter

November 8, 2013

Class Representative Election

We had our class election today. Six brave souls got up in front of their peers and gave a speech describing why they would be the best person to represent our class at student council meetings. It was a close election but the winner was... GAVIN!!!!!

What's Up in the Classroom

Writing - We are wrapping up our "explode the moment" experiences and will be moving on next week to longer narratives about significant events in our lives.

Reading - Using story structure and answering questions is our focus for the upcoming week. Students will learn how these two strategies help them better understand a text.

Math- Our division unit will be starting on Wednesday.

Science- Electricity is on the docket next. Students will learn that electrical circuits require a complete loop in order for electricity to pass through. They will learn about series circuits and parallel circuits. Students will also be studying static electricity.

Spelling- Students will have a new sort on Monday.

Social Studies - We will begin our study of the American Indians on Wednesday.


We will be done with our WKCE test Tuesday afternoon. Thank you for all the snacks and drinks you've sent in. The kids have really enjoyed them! Results from the test will be sent home (though it does take quite a while to get them back). I believe it's sometime around March.