John Lloyd Wright

Inventor of Lincon Logs


Wright was born December 12, 1892 and died in December 20, 1972. He grew up in Oak Park, Illinois and lived with five brothers and sisters. At a young age him and his father separated and John went to live with his older brother in the west coast, but soonly after he decided to have the career of an architect like his father. Because of the career he choose his father took him under his wing and they built the imperial hotel.

The Advantages of His Inventions

He made an invention that gave kids a very fun educational toy that they could play with while their parent or parents worked at an affordable price.

Some of His Inventions

What Skills Did Wright Have To Invent His Inventions?

An Architect

Believe it or not Wright was an architect with his father Frank Lloyd Wright. Even though John created lincoln logs they both are famous for them.

Some Interesting Facts

He sold his patent to Playskool.

Him and his father had thier own toy company call Red Square Toy Company.

When he lived in Tokyo him and his father built the Imperial Hotel.

By: Aeris Sears