The Western Weekly

Issue 26: March 10th, 2019

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Western Avenue's Literacy Night, Scholastic Book Fair, and Silent Auction WOWS!

It was a bustling week at Western Avenue! On Thursday evening, our school came together for Western Avenue's Annual Literacy Night, Scholastic Book Fair, and PTO Silent Auction. The theme of this year's Literacy Night was "Dinosaurs," and the children enjoyed traveling to various classrooms to see where literacy skills and dinosaurs could come together! We even had a dinosaur scavenger hunt throughout the building. A very special thank you to all of our teachers who created the activities and helped host Literacy Night, especially Mrs. Mooney, Ms. Tobin, Mrs. Montijo, Mrs. Seidel, Mrs. Vitale, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Budz, Mrs. Riley, Ms. Wallace, Mrs. Waishwell, Mrs. Santoro, and Mrs. Crescenti. We had so much fun!

The Scholastic Book Fair and our PTO Silent Auction also happened the same evening, and we had many families come out to support both events in the gymnasium! A very special thank you to Mrs. Daggett and Mrs. Douglas for helping coordinate our Spring Book Fair. The children absolutely love their new books, and this helps promote a positive culture of literacy in our building.

Finally, thank you to our incredible PTO for coordinating the Silent Auction for our building. This is a wonderful fundraiser that supports so many of the special enrichment programs that run at Western Avenue. We appreciate everything that you do for us. Go Wolves!

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Cook's Night Out at Panera Bread!

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Kindergarten Registration Thank You!

This past Wednesday evening, Western Avenue had an excellent turn out for Kindergarten Registration! We are so excited for our incoming Kindergarten children, and we cannot wait to see all of our new students at Western Avenue this coming Fall.

This night would not have been possible without the support from our parents. A very special thank you to our P.T.O. and parent volunteers, especially Karen Cheung, Elisha O'Shea, Jewel Appleby, Alexandra Orr, Jamie Ford, Kimberly Mitchell, Jan Paredes, Mary Murray, Myron Graham and Beckie Turton. You helped make our families feel comfortable and welcomed at Western Avenue.

We also asked a few of our 5th grade students to give our new families tours of the building, and to also share their experience as a student at Western Avenue Elementary. A very special thank you to Gregory Mitchell, Jenielle DeBoer, Mia Caporale, Ruby Mikulski, Quinn Michel, Jack Ermshler, Ben Faoro, Tsion Epley, Annie Ford, Cheyenne Smith, Mahal Reyes, and Anaya Mootry for their leadership and enthusiasm during Kindergarten Registration.

Finally, we would like to thank our Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Piekosz and Ms. Watson, along with Ms. Tolonaa, Nurse Bryant, and Ms. Barb Bates for helping our families with their paperwork and questions during the evening. We know it was a late night for everyone, and we appreciate your support and dedication. Go Wolves!

Extra Socks and Pants

With the weather changing quite rapidly, we have noticed many children coming inside from recess with wet socks and pants. Our school nurse does have spare tee-shirts, but we do not keep socks and pants. Please feel free to pack your child a change of socks and pants if you feel they may need them. This will save you a trip up to the school if a change of clothes is needed.

The children love recess, and we try to send them outdoors whenever it is warm enough to do so. The movement does help everyone focus more for the afternoon, and we just want to make sure the children and dry and comfortable. Thank you!

March P.T.O. Pulse

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Traffic Flow at Arrival and Dismissal

Parents, we understand that everyone is rushing to get their days started in the morning. However, we need to do a better job driving safely in the drop-off and pick-up lines. We have three staff members directing traffic at the front lot, two staff members posted at door I (primary playground), and multiple people posted at the playgrounds and blacktop area between the playgrounds. We also have one person stationed in the North parking lot. Please remember that there is a traffic flow. Students must be dropped off in the designated car lines. Please do not drop off your children on any other street or sidewalk other than the designated lines. Please do not wait in line to make sure your child walks to the door because that stops the flow for other parents behind you. And please be very mindful when you are pulling away from the car line. There should only be one priority for morning drop off and afternoon pick up--and that priority is the safety of all our kids at Western Avenue. If we all work together, we can ensure the safety of all students. Thank you!

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful week!