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February 8, 2019

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Study Trip to Castleton Mall and Lunch at Buca Di Beppo

Our study trip was a huge success! The class did a fabulous job using their cardinal directions to navigate themselves around the mall. Once they reached the store, they had to decide if it produced a good or service. With just a quick glance you'd think most stores only produced goods, but as the class dug deeper and asked more questions they realized many had services as well. For example: The Disney Store sells lots of goods, but there is a big TV in the back of the store that provides entertainment (a service) to those in the store. Some groups even found sale racks. They looked at the items on it and tried to determine why they were on sale. (supply and demand) A big thank you to the chaperones for joining us!

Global School Day of Play

On Friday our classroom celebrated Global School Day of Play. We had so much fun learning how to play new games with our friends. It is important for us to learn to take turns, follow directions, and compromise. It was so heart warming seeing them all play together! Ask your child what was his/her favorite thing to play.
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Don't forget that your child needed to have 4 out of the 5 activities from their eLearning menu completed Thursday, February 7th! They also needed to have 2 out of the 5 activities completed from Friday's eLearning Menu by TONIGHT! Please let me know if you have any questions about these assignments or how to turn them in! If you have not turned them in, please do so ASAP!!! Thank you!

Friendship Party

Friendship Party on February 14th:

The Friendship Parties this year will be held on Thursday, February 14th from 2:15 to 3:00 p.m. Information from room parents has been sent home regarding volunteers.

Students will be participating in a Valentine Exchange with their classmates. We have 21 students in our classroom. Please note that students may NOT distribute Valentines that include food, candy, or balloons. I have no preference as to whether your student writes a name in the "To: Space". I only ask that if your child bring Valentines, they provide enough for the entire class.

If you have any specific questions, please contact me.

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Yearbooks Are on Sale

Yearbooks are on sale! The cost of the yearbook is $16 per book. To order a yearbook this year, you will need to order online at . We will not be accepting cash or checks this year. All orders are due by March 22nd. To place an order online, enter in the code 36760V. The yearbooks will be shipped to TCE and passed out to the students near the end of May. Happy ordering!

Inventors Box

During exploring time, our students would like to create things with recycled items! Our classroom is in need of any items that we can use to create and invent things with!! We love turning trash into new and exciting inventions and creations!

Some items that we need and brainstormed together are:

plastic bottles

soda cans


boxes (any size cereal, pop tart, cracker, mac and cheese etc..)

milk jugs


toilet/paper towel rolls



magazines (child appropriate)

bags from kroger, marsh, etc..


rubber bands

egg cartons

plastic containers

If there is anything else you would like to send in, we would love to have it!!

Thanks so much for your help with this! We will collect these items all year long!


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Daily Snacks

Please consider sending a snack to school with your child each day. Our approved list (to keep all of our Cardinals safe - especially those living with food allergies) include:




Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

Skinny Popcorn

We appreciate donations for our students that are without a snack, as well. Thank you for considering!

Background Checks & Anti-Bullying Video

All who desire to volunteer, chaperone fieldtrips, or eat lunch in the cafeteria must have an approved background check on file and complete the Anti-bullying video. Background checks are good for 3 years. If you have questions about your background check, please contact the TCE office @ (317) 594-4310.

Mark Your Calendar!

February 8- Movie Night @ 6:15

February 14th: Study trip to Flat Fork Creek Park & Classroom Friendship parties 2:15-3:00

February 18th: NO SCHOOL: President's Day

February 27th: Study trip to B Present Studio

March 1st: Read Across America Day

March 14th: 2nd Grade Choir Performance (only for those in Choir Club this year)

March 21: PTO Meeting 6:00-7:00

March 29th-April 5th: NO SCHOOL Spring Break

*Just a reminder that we have early dismissal every Monday so that our teachers can continue their learning.

Related Arts Schedule for Next Week!

Monday, February 11: Day 1: P.E.

Tuesday, February 12: Day 2: Global Studies

Wednesday, February 13: Day 3: Music

Thursday, February 14: Day 4: Art

Friday, February 15: Day 1: P.E.

We are Learning


We continue to work on our reading fluency this week. We practiced giving book characters funny voices and acting out different characters as well. By doing this, the students become more engaged with their reading and are more thoughtful with the words as well.

We also started Book Clubs. The students were able to select their books of their own interest as well as partners that they enjoy being with as well. These book clubs will also help with our reading fluency as the students are reading to one another. They can also help each other with comprehension and other literary techniques.

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This week in writing we continued working on opinion writing. Using an editing checklist, some students were able to turn their rough drafts into finished opinion papers. We will also begin working on our Young Authors books very soon. Today we looked at the various types of books and each student got to chose the design that would work best for them!


Time was our main focus this week in math. We talked about what we knew about clocks and then built on that. I was happy to find that many of the students are coming to second grade with good knowledge of clocks and how to tell time. By the end of the week, many of the students were telling time fairly well from an analog clock. We will continue to tell time but move more into elapsed time problems next week.

Word Work

We took our spelling test on Tuesday. This was the best round of testing yet! The class will bring home new words lists Monday. Look for those in your child's folder Monday evening. In class, we will work on different sorts and activities to practice our spelling patterns. We will study these words for the next two weeks. Here are the word sorts that we do in class. Feel free to practice these words at home as well!

Repeated Sort: Students will sort their words. Then check their words using the answer key. Then sort their words again!

Draw and Label: Students choose 10 of their words. Then they will draw a picture of each world and label it.

Blind Sort: Using given guide words, or headers, students spell or write in words in the correct category as a partner calls each word aloud without showing it.

Writing Sort: Students write their words under the correct category.

Speed Sort: Students sort words quickly under the correct categories (use a timer to see how fast they can do it!) Students love to beat records and to set goals for themselves.

Word Hunt: Students hunt through their own reading and writing for words that are additional examples of the sound, pattern, or meaning unit they study!

Buddy Sort: Using the given headers, students sort their words with a partner, then discuss. They will then check their work with their answer key.

Social Studies/Science

Our field trip to Castleton Mall concluded our look into goods and services and supply and demand. We will start doing more science-based activities in the upcoming weeks with our focus being on different states of matter and how they interact with one another. As a class, we brainstormed different topics that interested us in this field as well as possible experiments we might do during this time.