Henri Matisse

Drawer, Painter, and Sculptor


  • Signed a contract with the prestigious art dealers of Galerie-Jeune in Paris
  • Recieved several major commissions such as a mural for the art gallery of collector Dr. Albert Barnes of Pennsylvania, titled Dance II, in 1931-33
  • He also drew book illustrations for a series of limited-edition poetry collections.
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Life in Paris

He moved to Paris in 1891 for artistic training. He took instructions from famous, older artists at well-known schools. During this time he was with Gustave Moreau, John Peter Russell, Amelie Noellie Parayre (future wife). Fauvism became a popular art style around 1900 thanks to Matisse who was the leader of this movement. He was inspired by artists in London, he learned the Divisionist technique and began to work with clay.