By. Abigail O


Most animals give birth in the spring because there's a lot of food and water. Really bad weather like tornados or floods. Tornados happen in spring because it's hot and cold.Spring is after winter and before summer.Tornadoes form when hot air and cold air form together.


In summer the earth is facing toward the sun. Summer is after spring and before fall. In summer there is little or no rain. No rain is called a drought. A drought means no rain.


In fall tree's leaves change colors then fall off. It get's cooler and school start's. Fall is after summer and before winter. Some farmer's harvest crops in fall.Farmers harvest crops in fall because the cold air is coming.


In winter there can bad snow storm's called billzards. Winter is after fall and before spring. Winter may be pretty but it can be dangeres in many ways like with ice storms, billzards and many more.