El Salvador

Located next to Guatemala and Honduras, Central America is home to El Salvador with the capital known as San Salvador. Other major cities include La Libertad and Santa Ana. Before becoming free, Spain controlled the country but eventually earned their independence on September 15, 1821. The official language of El Salvador is Spanish, but a few speak the language Nahua.

Imports + Exports

El Salvador imports raw materials, consumer goods, and fuels such as petroleum from the U.S., Guatemala, Mexico, China, and Germany.

El Salvador exports coffee, sugar, textiles,apparel, gold, ethanol, chemicals, iron, and steel to the U.S., Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.


El Salvador uses the United States Dollars as currency. El Salvador used to have a free market, but eventually it has turned into a mixed market leading to Capitalism.

Political Factors

El Salvador has a Republic government and their leader is Sanchez Ceren. El Salvador hasn't always been the best with other countries, but in recent events, they have been announced officially with good terms with other countries. Programs across the country are trying to fulfill goals such as "promoting a business-friendly institutional environment" from; (MMC- War by Other a Means in El Salvador).