Counseling Center Newsletter

October 26, 2021

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Can you Believe It is Already Second Quarter?

How can it be 2nd quarter already? First quarter seems to have flown by! Throughout the year we will send out newsletters filled with information related to mental health, social-emotional learning, any important upcoming dates, etc.

We are so lucky to have a number of interns and practicum students working with us in the counseling center this year!

Emily Kim is a counseling intern through Xavier University working on both her school counseling license and her clinical counseling license. Emily is working with both Mrs.Ray and Mrs. Schaller during her time at DMS. Kristin Fraley is a school psychologist intern through the University of Cincinnati and Abby Bell is a school psychologist practicum student through UC who are both working with Mrs. Sheets.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to any one of us if you have any questions and/or concerns.

Meet Your DMS Counseling Center Team


October 27th

Band/Orchestra Concert

October 29th & November 1st

Boys Basketball Tryouts

October 29th

PTA Halloween Dance 7-8:30 PM

$5 at the door and prizes for the best Halloween costume! Costumes cannot include weapons and masks must be removed when entering the dance or at the request of an adult.

November 4th & November 8th

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Look for further information regarding signing up for a conference time to be sent home this week!

November 11th


November 22nd-26th


START the Conversation!

Our youth are in crisis, with 20% of youth ages 13-18 living with a mental health condition. Join us to START the conversation, together we can make a positive difference and STOP the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Let’s talk!


How To Support A Friend Going Through A Difficult Time

Screen Time & Mental Health

"But is social media use itself at fault for making teen mental health worse? While some studies suggest it is, others paint a more nuanced picture, finding it difficult to pinpoint problems with screen time itself versus other factors sometimes associated with social media use that may reduce teen well-being-like cyberbullying or social isolation."

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