Cloud Computing

Its Impact on Work, Employment & Vocation

Cloud Computing has many different sources such as Gmail, the Google Apps, different documents, and many more. Social media has a lot to do with cloud computing such as the ratings you put on apps or how much the app is used. The “cloud” is where your storage is held, say you lose your phone data if you updated the cloud in time you will receive your storage back. The cloud is used in many different industries such as Apple, Google phones, and Samsung phones. The cloud helps a whole lot when you’re in a sticky situation. So by using the cloud you don’t worry or put a tremendous amount of stress on your shoulders. At work a positive impact is your banking apps so you can check up on your cash in your bank.

Current Impact

The impact of cloud computing on today’s corporates and businesses is huge. Businesses are becoming extremely competitive as they try to become a part of the cloud computing market. They pay millions of dollars to become a part of it. Some don’t make it in since it all depends on how much they pay. They may become bankrupt and have no more money. This is all making the cloud computing market the most impressive and expensive market ever, worth 300 billion dollars. It’s helping small businesses, worldwide, expand their territories. It also allows many companies to expand globally. One good thing it does is it attracts consumers, by east access and availability Creating competition between companies. Allowing cloud computing servers to thrive and succeed

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Cloud computing offers flexibility. Businesses can avoid the significant upfront costs of purchasing and installing software applications and hardware systems. This is particularly helpful for small businesses operating on a tight budget. Small businesses can rent software applications and storage space as they find the need for it. This avoids the risk of installing expensive systems, only to find out that it is insufficient . Cloud computing turns fixed costs into variable costs. Businesses use and pay for only what they need, which reduces fixed overhead costs.

Cloud Computing is a much more convenient way to merge business or departments and their computer hardware/files. Before the cloud made carved its way into the business world, IT professionals had to manually transfer information from one computer to the next. This used to be a hassle for large company mergers, but now using the cloud it goes by much smoother.

Cloud Computing makes scaling a business easier than ever. When you’re ready to expand and scale up, the cloud systems provider takes care of all the hardware expansion for you. This frees up lots of time for you to keep operating your business and focusing on the more important parts of it.

Without the use of the cloud, it’s likely that collaboration would have to take place in person or over the phone. Even though people working together on a project they don’t have easy access to files they need or to share to others in the group. With the cloud members of a group can access information with ease and from anywhere they want.