CRO-Vineyards January 2016 Update

Giving hope through education to Pickens County families....

TAPAS Semi-Annual Meeting Thursday, January 28th 6:00 PM

Please RSVP by no later than January 20th ( via email Char or call 868-3076) if you plan to attend our quarterly CRO-V Council meeting at the Keowee Vineyards Clubhouse. This is a very important meeting as we have not formally met in quite some time. Chef Francis will serve Tapas (member charge) in the private dining room as we review our 2015 budget/programs, closing out the 2016 school year, and preparing for the 2016-17 school year. Bob, as always, will keep us on a tight agenda time schedule.

PALS Volunteers Needed for Tuesday, January 19 & Tuesday, February 16th.

If you have not seen the CRO-V & United Way PALS Program in action, you are in for a treat. Please try to make one of the last two meetings as I need your help in serving the family dinners. Arrive at the Holly Springs cafeteria around 5 PM, parent training concludes at 7 PM. Let me know if you are able to volunteer at either meeting. Thanks....Char