Georgia not just another colony

By: Phillip Conklin


Most people think of Georgia as just anther state, but it was very different during the 1700's. Georgia has changed and developed a lot over time. With out the colonists and Indians of Georgia, Georgia might not even be a colony. During the 1700's, the culture in Georgia was not easy. Now that I think about it Georgia played a major role in history during the colonial times.

How Georgia began

When Georgia began it was between South Carolina and Spanish Florida. In 1733 Georgia was the last founded of the thirteen colonies to be established. In Georgia and South Carolina big cash crops were rice, corn, and indigo. Georgia was named after king Georgia II who was the king of England. Georgia is the most south of all the colonies.

Colonist and Native American of Georgia

People who lived in Georgia were referred to as Georgians. People who lived in Georgia grew corn, squash, and beans. Food was a big part of Indian and colonist tradition. The biggest one was the green corn dance ,witch was in July or early August. At witch they thanked the gods for helping grow corn. They built big schools, houses, and buildings. Indian tribes surrounded their villages with tall wooden fences called palisades for protection. Store houses were built of stone and earth rock. Colonist and Native Americans not only worked hard but liked to celebrate. They built many things.

Georgia's culture during the 1700's

To this day poeple still struggle to live but it was a lot harder in Georgia during the 1700's. Serval hundred poeple live in a typical creek house village. A creek village had a public square surrounded by homes and public buildings. By the late 1700's about 15 out of every 100 North Carolinans were of Scottish origin. The only colonies with a large amount of Scott's were Georgia and South Carolina. Georgia was a colony of farm and small towns. Georgia's military was in charge of watching Spanish Florida. Filthy rich people would go to jail, If they tried to escape. They would be tourchered and chained to dead bodies.Living in Georgia was a lot tougher.


Georgia has changed a lot more than people think. Over time thing have became different in Georgia's colony. With the Georgia colony came colonist and Native American. Culture in Georgia was not only fun but they had a lot of work. Georgia is one of the most important of all 13 colonies.



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