Write a brief comment as a response to Victor’s remarks. What’s your opinion? Does his attitude reflect our society?

Although Victor is a young boy and he was in the middle of a reality show, under a lot of pressure, he said what he said.

It’s well known that children use to say what they really think. So in fact, this is his world perspective and the image that we show.

Think of a problem in the world you would like to help fix.

I would like to talk about gender differences

In today’s world, women are taking a more active role in their careers. There are women who lead large companies, own their own businesses, and are very active in their community, but there are also those women who are just laid back, better known as gals. Gals take on their responsibilities, but they are not as serious about their lives as women. Gals tend to live their lives to the fullest. They attend sporting events, go to bars, and do not care what people think about them. Women are always concerned about their appearance and what other people think. Women take life very seriously. They see the world as a challenge everyday whether they are at the office or at home with the family. They always have an agenda for everything that they do, and a certain way of doing it. For example, a business woman has to wear a certain type of suit, shoes and drive a certain car. On the other hand, gals wear what makes them feel good and dress for themselves rather than dressing for others.

In conclusion, women have the right idea about having a career, but they do not have the right idea about life. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Life is about doing things that may not be able to be done at another time.

Take a look at these images which reflect some stereotypes. Write a brief comment on them.

The first picture, I’m not sure about what the author wants to represent but it could be that when a man is single, so his not in a relationship, he has to deal with the housework.

In contrast, a woman is seen as the one who has to do every task that exists. She also can do all that stuffs at the same time. She takes care of the children, reads, cooks…

The lasts two pictures are the more impressive because they represent that the modern man has changed. Now, he is the one who can also look after their children and do the day by day housework whereas a woman is predisposed to do it because she is the wife.

Big image

Do you think men are becoming soft?

This is a question that I posed to myself and I continue to wonder it. My answer will not shock you, in our society today, men have become soft. Simple as that. Whether they are gay, straight, white, black etc., they are becoming soft and are losing their "backbone", which I think it’s really good.

In my view point, it’s an important advance the fact that women have had the power to change this ridiculous male chauvinism.

I don’t know for sure the causes, nevertheless I could say that they have improved their behavior therefore they are showing to the girls what they have inside his tinny heart.

Do you think there are certain jobs than men should not do?

In fact, I’m a defender of the equality between men and women in their jobs. As we could notice everywhere, there are still some differences, like the jobs we do, how much we earn…

First of all, I have to say that both women and men are human beings and we are supposed to be treated in the same way. In theory it could not have to exist any type of discrimination because we are all the same.

So, everyone is able to do everything. Furthermore, if the man isn’t disabled nor have some dementia, nothing stops him of doing any job.