shes the man, viola


viola is trying to be a guy. she is trying to be Sebastian and people are believing it. "if the only thing keeping us from rejoicing is the fact im wearing mens clothes, then don't hug me till I can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am viola."(v.v 240-249). shes trying to convince them now that she is not a man but she has been pulling it off for so long no one believes her.


viola is a girl and is forced to be a boy. They found out she was a girl dressed like a boy and sent her home. conceal me what I am, and be my aid for such a disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent. ill serve this duke. (I . ii . 49-51)


everyone seen viola as a very nice girl. once she tried to be Sebastian everyone believed it and thought nothing of it she played Sebastian really good. it is different how she sees herself.

simalarites and differences

one similarity between me and viola is we were trying to be someone were not. really you could just be your self and try to get what you need, viola was trying to get a job so she acted like a boy and dressed like one. one difference between me and viola is she is a girl.


viola is a girl but when her soccer team gets cut from her school she decides to try something out. her brother goes to London and she decides to try to be Sebastian. her friend gave her a make over to look like a boy. it works out and everone believed it until someone caught on to what she was doing. ( she's the man )


viola is forced to be a boy and a girl. she is forced to be a girl because violas mom wants her to be a girl and not play soccer and be proper. but she just wants to play soccer. she is also forced to be a boy because she goes to Illyria and acts like Sebastian and dresses like a boy and makes the soccer team so she had to stay and act like a boy. one limitation is she cant go out with duke, the guy she is attracted to because she is a temporary boy. ( shes the man )


duke views viola as a weird boy that uses tampons to clean up nose bleeds. Olivia likes viola when she acts like Sebastian and is in love with him. violas mom views viola as a tom boy in a sort of way turning into a girl. viola sees her self like any of the boys and thinks she should be included in the soccer team. but she has to dress like a boy to be accepted. ( shes the man )

similarity and differnces

one similarity is we both played soccer on a team. one difference is she is a girl and im a boy.