the outsiders

by S.E. Hinton

Lead characters

Ponyboy, Johnny, sodapop, Darry, Dallas


Ponyboy is in a gang called the greasers. they have a rival called the socs. the greasers are from the wrong side of the track. the socs are wealthy kids. Ponyboy was involved in a killing a soc when him and johnny were at a park. They ran away to an abandoned church that Dallas told them about. after a week of hiding the church caught on fire. the boys (johnny & ponyboy) rescue kids and johnny was badly burned. The greasers and socs had a rumble and the greasers won. After the rumble johnny dies of injuries and Dallas dies by the cops shooting him.

my opinion on why I liked this book

I liked this book because it was a good book. also it showed me that you have to protect your family from people that are not part of your friends and family.

Favorite Part

My favorite part is the rumble they had at the end because the greasers were fighting as a family and they protected each other. hey got really happy after they beat the socs because they thought hey were better then the socs.

What would i change?

I think I would change that the church would not burn down because if it didn't born down Johnny and Dallas who not have been dead.

5 Adjectives

Action, sad, observant, brave, different

Type of language

It uses figurative language describes characters and events in the English form.

What kind of technical language?

It also uses everyday english.

Two examples of figurative language

1."Stood there like a bump on a log when they surrounded me"

2. "Johnny was scared of his own shadow"

Easy or hard for the reader?

I think it is easy because it uses basic English gives you feeling like you live in the book.


I would recommend this for a 7-8 grader because it uses basic English and it's easy to read