Estyn on Donaldson Readiness

An analysis of the Primary Case Studies & Thematic Report

What are the key actions approved of by Estyn?

We have analysed the 20 effective practice case studies from primary schools across Wales preparing for the new Curriculum for Wales, as well as Estyn's latest thematic report, which covers a wide range of schools at different points along their journey towards Donaldson Readiness.

We know schools don't always have the time to complete this depth of analysis. We also know schools want to be doing the right thing for their pupils. So, we have put together the key actions schools are taking that have been recognised by Estyn as worthy of a case study. We are offering free consultations to help schools to use this information, and decide what they want to find out more about, and what steps they need to take in order to prepare for the new Curriculum for Wales.

6 Steps to readiness used by primary schools in Wales

  1. Consultation – with staff, the wider community & pupils
  2. Audit curriculum provision & staff confidence using multiple types of qualitative & quantitative data
  3. Set the right culture & structures that support learning for all
  4. Jettison anything that has no impact
  5. Use small scale trials then scale up
  6. Evaluate impact against pupil outcomes
Big picture

How should Primary Schools be preparing?

We have created a 4 step document that describes the steps schools recognised by Estyn through effective practice case studies have taken, alongside pertinent examples and a full analysis of the implications of those actions. You can see a snapshot of this above.

This analysis and detailed understanding of the reform journey and the effective actions that schools are taking, underpins the bespoke support that we provide for schools. To discuss how to access this information and receive individualised, bespoke support in line with Estyn effective practice, just drop us a line to and get your curriculum reform journey started.

Book your free consultation to find out how to move forward.

The full thematic report from Estyn can be found here:

The effective practice primary case studies here:

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